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DM Barcode Web Service allows you to create custom barcodes based on your own data. Its almost self explanatory and so easy to use. All you have to do is enter your desired input, type and output, and you are good to go. It’s also possible to make your barcodes even more personalised by entering parameters such as width, hight and textsize, but that’s optional. An example of your barcode appears on the screen, so you can see it before saving and printing it.

It supports the 24 most common standards:
– upc-a
– upc-e
– ean-8
– ean-13
– ean-13-pad
– ean-13-nopad
– ean-128
– code-39
– code-39-ascii
– code-93
– code-93-ascii
– code-128
– codabar
– itf
– qr
– qr-m
– qr-q
– qr-h
– dmtx
– dmtx-s
– dmtx-r
– gs1-dmtx
– gs1-dmtx-s
– gs1-dmtx-r

DM Barcode Web Service supports download in any of the following formats: PNG, GIF, JPEG or SVG.

The FileMaker file includes a custom function, which generate the url for the web service, when you input the different parameters. This makes implementation into your own solutions a task of literally just a couple of minutes. Use the FileMaker file to see which and how to fill in the different parameters.

Introduction offer
The price is for a one-year license. which means that the monthly price is only 4.99 € right now.

Note: As we do not have a demo mechanism for this API, we offer a full return within 30 days, if you are not completely satisfied. 



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