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FileMaker, Inc. has just released the FileMaker 17 platform.

We are very excited about the FMDataMigrator tool as it will allow us to do deployments of solutions much, much faster than in the past. This will reduce the argument to do development in live solutions drastically.

Since this new tool is a Command Line Interface tool, it means that you will need to write CLI commands to use it.

We wanted to build a tool, that will help us, using the tool. And so we decided to share it with our colleagues in the community.

The way we built it, is reflecting how most of our solutions are built. We use the data separation model and in several large solutions, we have multiple data files.

So we wanted to build a tool, that can do the data migration on several files in the same process.

This tool will loop through the files in the source and clone folders and do data migration on all these files.

However, if you only need to do data migration on a single data file, you can just place this in the folder.

Please read the informations in the tool, in order to understand how it works and the assumptions we make on filenames etc.

If you need the process to work differently, you can modify the code.

The tool is completely free and completely unlocked, so you can dig in and learn from the code.

The only thing we ask of you, is your name and email address so we can send you an email, when we publish new helpful tools and articles.

Please note that you will need to download the FileMaker Data Migration Tool from FileMaker directly, which requires a paid FDS membership. You can find it here:

If you like this tool, please let us know and let your colleagues know.


Please provide your name and email address for your free download.

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